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In this blog post, we introduce you 'Shinesilk PLA 30', one of our company's cosmetic ingredient product.

Shinesilk PLA 30 contains 10μm PLA microspheres produced by special process, so it can improve skin feeling of cosmetic formulation.

PLA component used in this product is Polylactic Acid(Poly-L-Lactic Acid, PLLA, P-L-LA, PLGA), which is biodegradable polymer originated from sugar cane, and this material is getting popular in various fields like medicines, pharmaceuticals, environment, cosmetics, etc.

As demand for using PLA in cosmetics grows recently, Shinesilk PLA 30 is designed to make available to use this PLA material in cosmetics formulation.
With Shinesilk PLA 30, 10μm PLLA can be uniformly dispersed in your cosmetics formulations.

For your references, regarding availability of using PLA in cosmetics as biodegradable polymer, you should check the cosmetic regulations of each country.

We, Shin Seung Hichem supply Shinesilk PLA 30 product, as a maker of this product.
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